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The Afrikan Peoples’ Liberation Charter: An Action Framework for Justice

The Afrikan Peoples’ Liberation Charter: An Action Framework for Justice

We, the Afrikan people from all corners of the globe, come together supported and energized by our Divine Creator, our Glorious Ancestors, and our loving, sacred Mother Earth. In this living document, known as the Afrikan Peoples’ Liberation Charter, we declare our commitment to justice and liberation.

Grounded in Strength and Resilience

We are grounded in the knowledge, assurance, and certainty of the strength, skills, assets, resilience, tenacity, self-reliance, and historic achievements of Afrikan people. Despite the challenges we have faced, we stand tall, knowing that our collective power can overcome any obstacle.

Awareness of Oppression

We remain mindful of the negative impact of White Supremacy, Patriarchy, and Capitalism. These systems of oppression have sought to divide and conquer us, but we refuse to be silenced. We recognize the importance of dismantling these structures and creating a more just and equitable society for all.

Driven by Love for Justice

Our actions are driven by a deep love for justice. We understand that true liberation can only be achieved when every Afrikan person is free from discrimination, violence, and systemic barriers. We stand united in our pursuit of justice, knowing that our collective voices are powerful.

Embracing Diversity and Possibilities

We are empowered by the diversity, richness, and limitless possibilities of Afrikans. We celebrate our different cultures, languages, and experiences, recognizing that our diversity is our strength. Together, we can build a future that honors and uplifts every Afrikan person.

An Action Framework

The Afrikan Peoples’ Liberation Charter serves as an action framework. It provides a roadmap for our collective efforts towards justice and liberation. It guides us in organizing, mobilizing, and advocating for change. Through this framework, we commit to taking concrete actions that challenge the status quo and uplift our communities.


In unity and solidarity, we affirm our commitment to the principles outlined in the Afrikan Peoples’ Liberation Charter. We recognize that our struggle for justice is ongoing, but we are fueled by the spirit of our ancestors and the love for our people. Together, we will continue to fight for a world where every Afrikan person is free, equal, and empowered.

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