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The Afrikan Peoples’ Liberation Charter: A Call to Action

The Afrikan Peoples’ Liberation Charter: A Call to Action

We, the Afrikan people from all corners of the globe, come together in unity and solidarity. Supported by our Divine Creator, our Glorious Ancestors, and our loving, sacred Mother Earth, we stand firm in our commitment to liberation.

Our foundation lies in the knowledge and certainty of our strength, skills, assets, resilience, tenacity, self-reliance, and historic achievements as Afrikan people. We acknowledge the negative impact of White Supremacy, Patriarchy, and Capitalism, and we are determined to overcome these oppressive forces.

Driven by a love for justice, we recognize the need for action. The Afrikan Peoples’ Liberation Charter serves as our living document, outlining an action framework to guide our collective efforts towards liberation.


The Charter is grounded in a set of principles that reflect our values and aspirations:

  • Unity: We recognize the power of unity and solidarity among Afrikan people. We commit to working together towards our collective liberation.
  • Self-Determination: We assert our right to self-determination, as individuals and as a collective. We will determine our own destiny and shape our own future.
  • Justice: We demand justice for all Afrikan people, both within our communities and in the wider world. We strive for a just and equitable society, free from oppression and discrimination.
  • Empowerment: We believe in the empowerment of Afrikan people. We will build and strengthen our communities, celebrate our diversity, and harness our potential for positive change.
  • Education: We value education as a tool for liberation. We will prioritize the education and knowledge-sharing within our communities, ensuring the preservation and promotion of our history, culture, and heritage.

Action Framework

The Charter provides a framework for action, outlining key areas of focus:

  1. Economic Empowerment: We will work towards economic self-reliance, supporting entrepreneurship, job creation, and wealth generation within our communities.
  2. Social Justice: We will advocate for social justice, fighting against systemic racism, discrimination, and inequality in all its forms.
  3. Cultural Preservation: We will preserve and celebrate our rich Afrikan culture, traditions, and languages, ensuring their continuity for future generations.
  4. Political Liberation: We will strive for political liberation, demanding equal representation, participation, and decision-making power in all spheres of society.
  5. Environmental Sustainability: We will prioritize environmental sustainability, recognizing the importance of protecting and nurturing our sacred Mother Earth.

Through collective action and the implementation of this Action Framework, we believe that true liberation is attainable. We invite all Afrikan people to join us on this journey towards freedom, justice, and empowerment.

Together, we will reclaim our power, rewrite our narrative, and build a future that honors the resilience and greatness of Afrikan people.

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